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Banking Management System


About Bank Management System Project:

Bank Management System is based on a concept to generate and maintain daily payment transactions with the customer’s account. Before stepping into the main system a user has to pass through login system to get access, then only he/she can use all the features of the system which includes Adding, Removing, Updating and viewing records, withdraw and deposit cash feature, check details of existing customers and another one is ATM feature.

Talking about the features of Bank Management System, while entering customer’s record he/she has to provide the current date, account number, name, date of birth, age, address, citizenship number, phone number, the amount deposited while creating an account and select account type. Under this, there are five types of account, Saving, Current, Fixed(for 1 year), Fixed(for 2 years), Fixed(for 3 years). But while updating customer’s information from existing account, he/she can only change address and phone number. There are two methods to check a user’s account in detail i.e by Account number or by Account name. The other listing record displays customer’s name with an Account number, address and contact detail.

Transaction through a bank is either done by Depositing or Withdrawing amounts. So here the user can use both of the features easily. Whenever a user wants to withdraw or deposit some amount of money he/she has to provide Amount then the system automatically maintain his/her Transaction record with total bank balance. And another thing is that while checking a customer’s account in detail the system will display a bank interest information. This system calculates interest per month and displays to the user.


Output :-

1st image

loging system
2nd image


3th image

bank menagement system


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